Emelia Kamadulski

Emelia Kamadulski is a third-year at DU. She’s studying English, studio art, and communications. A writer of poetry and fiction she is interested in art as inheritance and her poetry has been published in Dovecote Literary Magazine. In her free time she enjoys serenading her houseplants and praising dogs.

Managing Editor

Lillian Stone

Lillian Stone is a sophomore at DU, studying English with a concentration in Creative Writing, minoring in Leadership Studies. Her poetry asks readers to consider how tragedy can be didactic and rebirthed with new beauty.

Creative Director

Rin MacRitchie

Rin is a third year student at the University of Denver. She is majoring in English and Spanish in the hopes of spending all her time settled in a circle on some floor loving on language. Her poetry is forthcoming in Rainy Day Literary Magazine.


Asher Rosen

Prose Editor

Hannah Bashi

Hannah is a third-year student at the University of Denver majoring in English with a concentration in Literary Studies, and minors in Communications and Italian. Her prose involves the retellings of historical moments and the characters within them.

Prose Editor

Dre Jasso

Adreanna Jasso is a second-year student at DU. She is double-majoring in English Literature and History with a minor in Environmental Science. Adreanna is interested in the symbiotic relationship between mythos and art, and how the two shape and develop one another. She writes fiction and has begun to explore poetry.

Poetry Editor

Talia Rizzo

Originally from the Bay Area, Talia Rizzo is a third year at University of Denver majoring in creative writing with minors in Spanish and Socio-Legal Studies. Most days, Talia goes back and forth between wanting to get an MFA and PhD in poetry then going on to teach or going to law school. Poetry always wins. When she's not in quarantine with her pet fish and best friend, Talia can be found staring at the sun, skiing, or at Stella's.

Poetry Editor

Connor Rodenbeck

Connor Rodenbeck is a second-year student at DU. He is majoring English with a concentration in Creative Writing and minoring in psychology. He describes his poetry and prose as an image-based dive into the complexities of intimacy with respect to physical location, one’s body and what meaning it possesses, and the way memories and the present interact.

Design Editor

Megan Munson

Visual Arts Editor

Paige Grover

Paige is a junior BFA Studio Art major with a minor in creative writing. She has almost no idea how art and writing will materialize in her life later on but is constantly trying to bring people close to the natural world, others, and themselves. She also has three pet snails and lives with her best friend Talia in a sunken apartment that rarely maintains a perfect temperature.